Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

Tag: Solar lakehouse

Off-Grid Solar with Lithium Battery Bank

Challenge: Needed to remove an outdated 800W wet lead acid battery-based solar system at an off-grid lakehouse and replace it with a new state of the art 5.2 KW system and Lithium powered battery bank. The Finished solar system powers the whole home, all indoor and outdoor lighting, septic pump, well pump, TVs and kitchen…
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Complete Off-Grid Solar System Upgrade

Challenge: With this project, the existing solar system could not sufficiently provide enough power to enjoy the client’s lakeside off-grid home. Installation of a completely new system was required. Solution: SOLAR PANELSThe original solar provided a total of 200W, enough to power some lighting and a few small devices. Installed a new solar array that…
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Off-Grid Lakehouse

Challenge: Bringing power to a brand new off grid lakehouse. The Finished solar system powers lighting, septic pump, well pump and furnace fan as part of a whole off grid power solution that includes propane and a generator for backup. Solution: PANELSInstalled two solar arrays that collect maximum solar energy using six 400W panels in…
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