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Solar Systems & Power Solutions

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We design and install Solar Power Systems in any location –  including those where the utility grid isn’t available – bringing clean quiet power to devices, outbuildings, cabins, workshops & homes.

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We sell, install, and service solar energy systems that are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the marine environment.

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Count on us for state of the art energy storage solutions. Our services include battery bank design, enclosures & racking, battery replacement, repair,  charging and maintenance of batteries and battery banks of all kinds. 

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We design and install mobile power systems for fleet trucks, construction vehicles, catering trucks, event vehicles, boats, RVs, Campers, kits and emergency vehicles.

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Keeping You Powered.

In our projects, we combine solar technology with electronic devices and off-grid systems to create truly modern power solutions. We custom design, install, and service systems for homes, cabins, boats, RVs, vehicles, backyards, and workplaces.  Contact us anytime to learn more about our products, discuss your project, or get an estimate. Renewable energy is our passion – we’re always happy to answer your questions.

Solar panels bringing power to off grid home on Vancouver Island

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

…We wanted to completely upgrade our entire system to be less dependent on a generator. The design process took several months and Pete was more than willing to spend the time during this process to ensure that all of our questions were answered. We had our system installed 3 weeks ago and we have yet to turn on our generator.  Previously, we would have run the generator 3-5-hours per day. 

Rob Earle

It was a great experience hiring Pete. Prompt and professional  service from someone who is genuinely knowledgeable in solar technologies. I would recommend Pete to anyone interested in solar power.


Pete researched our system and the generator and ‘voila’ was able to order and install a relay which accomplishes what we were seeking. We are very happy with the interest Pete took in this little project. He is personable, knowledgeable an very easy to deal with.

Mike Irwin

Pete was great to work with and provided us with great advice for the replacement of our solar system.
He put a lot of thought into installing the system in our existing home with as little disturbance to the drywall and existing structure as possible, which was greatly appreciated.

Jodi Williams

Pete works diligently and efficiently. He is knowledgeable and does his research. My solar is an off grid application backed up with a generator which I am very reliant on. I highly recommend IOTG and will use them again if needed.

Marlene S.

I was impressed with the solar system Pete connected for me. He’d previously installed some off-grid security lighting for us and his dedication to getting the job done right was why we hired him again. He’s reliable and informative and we knew we could count on him to do quality work each time.

Mac Sinclair

Off Grid Lakehouse

Challenge: Bringing power to a brand new off grid lakehouse. The Finished solar system powers lighting, septic pump, well pump and furnace fan as part of a whole off grid power solution that includes propane and a generator for backup.


Installed two solar arrays that collect maximum solar energy using six 400W pannels in a limited space.


Included an Automatic Generator Start (AGS) to seamlessly support solar power when batteries get low.


Installed a custom-built battery enclosure that vents to the outside.The battery bank uses 16  6-Volt batteries connected to create a 48V DC supply.


System design includes rapid shutdown disconnects with RSD switch for safety, as per the new CEC standards.


Installed a controller that grabs the DC power from the solar arrays and converts it to 48V DC, supplying energy to the battery bank and the inverter.

More Solar Projects

Installed a Inverter Charger to convert the DC power received from the controller into household power

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Contact us anytime to learn more about IOTG Solar products, discuss your project, or get an estimate. Renewable energy is our passion – we’re always willing to help with questions.
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