Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC


Solar Power Installations

We professionally install solar power systems for residential and commercial buildings that conform to the Canadian Electrical Code and include all required electrical permits. If your project requires power in a totally off grid situation, contact us first. We can power almost anything in any location.

Cables & Connections

The wrong type of cable or connector can ruin devices, batteries and cables over time. If you’re in need of a specific type of cable or connection for a project or repair, we can source out the right equipment and connect it professionally for you. Unsure about a particular cable or connection? Send us a photo and we’ll assess it for you.

Marine Solar

Adding solar power to your boat is an effective way to increase the amount of electric power available while at sea – but not any solar system will do. Boats have unique requirements based on the environment and the vessel itself. Moisture, humidity, saltwater, space, durability and flexibility are all vital considerations when choosing a solar power system for a boat. We can help you choose and design the right solar power system specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the marine environment.

Energy Storage

Battery Bank Design

We design battery banks for energy storage use including solar, mobile power systems, wind farms, and telecom.

Battery Bank Enclosures and Racking Designs

We design and build custom battery enclosures and steel racking systems for all types of battery banks that include all needed cabling and accessories. For sealed enclosures, we create the safest possible environment for your power bank by installing a venting pipe and powered venting fan as well.

Battery Additions, Replacement & Repairs

When you have an existing system that needs extra power, we can add new strings of batteries (connected separately from the original bank.) Older batteries which are no longer holding a charge, can be replaced. In some cases, they can also be repaired. Please contact us to learn more.

Battery Maintenance

We keep batteries in tip-top shape with routine testing, measurements, charging and repair in the Mid-Vancouver Island area. Our services include gravity testing for wet lead acid batteries and topping up levels correctly in order to maintain performance and retain the life of your bank. This should be done at least twice a year with the average system. We also do an initial gravity test when installing a new string, after your first charge or within the first month of purchase.

Mobile Power

We design and install, CSA certified, mobile power systems for vehicles and trucks. These systems provide clean and quiet power for tools, appliances, lighting and electronics in:

  • Work trucks, construction vehicles, fleet trucks and trailers
  • Event lighting and sound system trucks
  • Emergency and Medical Vehicles
  • Catering and Food Trucks
  • RVs and Campers
  • ATVs and Side by Sides

Mobile power systems include an inverter or inverter charger with all cabling, relays, switches, isolators, fuses, breakers, outlets, and lighting. They also include a battery bank that is separate from your starter battery to preserve the main power supply to the vehicle. Batteries for the mobile units can be charged while driving, when the vehicle is running, with shore power or solar power.