Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

Complete Off-Grid Solar System Upgrade

Complete Off-Grid Solar System Upgrade

Horne Lake solar panel upgrade
Horne Lake solar panel upgrade
New Solar Array provides 5 times the power of the original system.


With this project, the existing solar system could not sufficiently provide enough power to enjoy the client’s lakeside off-grid home. Installation of a completely new system was required.


    The original solar provided a total of 200W, enough to power some lighting and a few small devices. Installed a new solar array that provides five times the original output.
    Installed a new 60AMP 150V solar controller that takes the power from the panels, regulates and controls it with the latest programmable features, and allows the client to add more panels to the system in the future.
    A new 24V 4KW inverter charger was selected to create a system powerful enough to energize not only lighting but multiple devices and appliances such as the dishwasher, well pump and power tools. These items previously needed a gas generator to power them.
    Designed a new battery bank with powerful lead carbon chemistry involving no maintenance and improving the lives of the individuals who continuously had to test and add fluids to the old bank of wet lead acid batteries.

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