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What is an S5 Clamp?

What is an S5 Clamp?

What are standing seam metal roof clamps and why do we use it on solar panel installations?

  • What is an S5 Clamp?
  • How Does This All Work?
  • What Other Solutions Do They Have?
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What Is An S5 Clamp?

S5 clamps are clamps that securely fasten to the metal roof seams using bolts, eliminating the need for drilling holes.

​We’ve successfully installed solar on a variety of roofs, be it shingle or metal. While we take great pride in our meticulous hole-sealing process, the idea of not having to drill any holes at all is undeniably appealing. We stand by the effectiveness of our sealing compound and our rigorous approach to ensuring it’s done right but, imagine a fastening system that eliminates the need for drilling entirely – that’s where the S5 clamp comes into play, offering a diverse range of clamps to choose from.

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How does this all work?

The S5 clamps securely attach to the various types of seams found on your roof. These clamps are specifically designed for different seam types, ensuring a precise fit. The engineered solution involves screwing the clamp directly onto the seam, creating an exceptionally strong connection that won’t budge. On top of the clamp, there’s a bolt that provides a sturdy foundation for mounting your rail foot. It’s a straightforward and reliable solution.

Once the rail foot is attached, the rails are effortlessly mounted onto the foot, followed by the solar panels. There’s no need for drilling holes or applying sealing compounds – just a streamlined, efficient, and highly reliable solution.

What Other Solutions Do They Have?

S5’s PVKIT offers an ingenious solution by enabling attachment to a standing seam without the need for additional rails or footings. This not only saves you valuable time but also reduces the overall weight and cost of your installation. Check it out in the photo below:

While S5 offers a range of clamps for various purposes such as snow and wind retention, as well as fall protection, this article focuses on the advantages of using the non-drilling versions we’ve used ourselves so far, specifically for solar panel installation.

While we can’t possibly cover all the possibilities and details that the S5 solution entails, it’s worth noting that the S5 website is loaded with information beyond just solar. We’re here to provide you with this information so that you can delve into it at your own pace and discover the numerous solutions available for metal roofs.

S5 provides a wide array of innovative solutions, and we highly recommend exploring their website for comprehensive information on the diverse clamp solutions they have to offer.

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Whenever you encounter an opportunity to streamline your work and eliminate potential vulnerabilities in roof installations, inverters, and associated cabling, it’s essential to maintain a commitment to excellence in safe and well-executed installations. Exploring all available options becomes a crucial step in ensuring top-tier performance.