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Off-Grid Solar Consultation With Pete Delorme

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Book Your One-On-One Consultation with IOTG Solar Founder, Pete Delorme

If you are ready to make sure that your Off-Grid system is the RIGHT solution for you.

The right solution, with assured 100% up-time and meeting your needs now and tomorrow…

The best next step is to book a one-on-one personal consultation with our founder.

Ensure your family’s continuous safety and enjoyment with a dependable system that Provides 100% uptime power supply, no matter the Local or global circumstances.

During our call we can:

  • Review your current plans, if you have any to start with
  • Discuss your power needs, situation and details to determine the right solution
  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Pete can, after the call, design your system for you, for no additional cost. Providing a schematic of your
    new off-grid system and we can even source your system directly, delivering it to your desired location
    ready to be installed!
  • Get the correct system, with the best components to meet your unique needs and requirements while saving a fortune
    by getting the right solution not the most marked up retail solution others try to force to fit.  And by getting the best components
    and connectors, all required pieces can be sourced and delivered for you, ready to install so you can just focus on arranging a
    qualified installer (we can also discuss this aspect on our call) and enjoying your new Off-Gird Solar Power System.

Book your call now.  Save thousands or more and ensure your power and stability needs are met, the first time.

Normally $499.95 (USD) on sale for “Off-Grid Made Simple” e-book customers for a limited time. Purchase now and save even more.

Pete Delorme now is offering personal one-on-one consultations over Zoom to handle your questions and concerns, help you create your perfect Off-Grid Solar design and can even source and fulfill your system components for tremendous savings and simplicity on your journey to full power self sufficiency.


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