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Cables & Connections: 5 Mistakes

There’s a world of wire and cable out there: indoor, outdoor, waterproof, and cable that is resistant to certain temperatures. When choosing to connect a device or replace a cable or connector, it’s important to select the correct type for your project. 1. Choosing an Indoor Wire or Cable for Outdoor Applications. They manufacture outdoor…
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Why Can’t I Use Car Batteries in a Solar Power System?

A simple way of explaining why you can’t use car batteries in a solar power system is that the plates are too thin. Car batteries have thin internal plates which are meant to release large quantities of energy extremely quickly and powerfully. They are great for starting a vehicle, but terrible when running a solar…
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Safety When Working with Power

Four simple and important tips to help you avoid getting a shock while working with electrical systems. Disconnect the power. Unplug or switch off the device. Disconnect your battery if it is a vehicle. Once you have done this, use a voltmeter to confirm that there is no power in and around the wires or…
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