Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC


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Mega fuses are often used in off-grid solar power systems and other off-grid setups where high current protection is required. In off-grid systems, mega fuses serve a similar purpose as they do in automotive and industrial applications: they protect the system from overcurrent conditions, such as short circuits or excessive current draw.

The Mega fuse, widely embraced for its broad utility, is a sturdy and slow-blow, bolt-down fuse. Distinguished by its larger size and higher Amp ratings in comparison to the MIDI fuse, it is specifically designed for M8 mm bolts. Primarily employed to secure more substantial loads, such as inverter/chargers, power distribution panels, and solar chargers within your system, the MEGA fuse comes in two variants: a 32 Vdc fuse for 12 and 24 Volts systems, and a 58Vdc fuse tailored for 48 V systems.