Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island, BC

Victron Energy-Digital Multi Control 200/200A

Original price was: $ 256.06.Current price is: $ 238.75.


  • This panel is intended both for Multis and Quattros. It allows PowerControl and PowerAssist current limit setting for two AC sources: a generator and shore side current for example. Setting range: up to 200 Amps. The brightness of the LEDs is automatically reduced during night time.
  • The Digital Multi Control Panel GX is the same as the previous version, but with a new design.
  • An extra advantage of this panel is the easy mounting: the included mounting frame allows the user to mount the panel from either front or back side.
  • Due to the mounting frame, the mounting holes will no longer be visible.
  • The body of the GX panel is made of plastic, which makes the panel lighter and adds a modern look to the panel.

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