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RV 3000 Watt Hybrid Inverter Charger

Magnum RV 3000 Watt Hybrid Inverter Charger

This inverter charger has it all!

Designed specifically for use in RVs, the MSH-RV Series Inverter / Charger from Sensata Technologies is a pure sine wave inverter with built in RV-C connector designed with true hybrid technology allowing it to run larger loads from smaller generators.

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RV 3000 Watt Hybrid Inverter Charger

Hybrid technology:
Most inverters only use one source of energy to power loads, either from incoming AC power – shore or AC generator – or from the batteries. The MSH-RV Series combines the energy from both sources to power loads. This allows the inverter to recharge the batteries when there is surplus power or deliver more power to the loads if they require more than the AC input can supply by itself.

Built-in RV-C connector:
The built in RV-C connector and protocol allows the MSH-RV
Series to multiplex directly with the RV’s network bus/backbone. Program your inverter/
charger settings using the RV’s system monitoring display.

Load support:
Load support parallels the inverter output with incoming AC sources allowing it to run larger loads from smaller generators.

Power factor corrected charging:
Use more power that you produce with the automatic PFC multi-stagebattery charger.

Pure sine wave:
Power your T.V.s, stereos, plasma screens, and other sensitive electronics without worry. The pure sine wave and power factor corrected charger provide clean, reliable power with low total harmonic distortion (THD) of less than 5%.

Pass through capabilities:
Larger 50 amp AC capability

Lightweight, small footprint:
The lightweight aluminum base and cover also provides noise reduction and corrosion resistance, while the compact
design of the MSH-RV is perfect for RV spaces.

Multiple ports:
The MSH-RV Series provides multiple ports, including an RS485 communication port for network expansion, an RV connector, and a remote port.

Accessible design:
The extra large AC access cover with terminal screw block and 360° DC connection terminals with covers make
this inverter more accessible when it needs to be.

Convenient switches:
The MSH-RV Series comes with an on /off inverter-mounted switch with an easy-to-read LED indicator.

Buy with ease:
The MSH-RV Series is backed by a three-year (36-month) limited warranty.

Output Power 3,000W
Peak Watts 3,500W
Warranty Three years parts and labor
Output Voltage 120 VAC
Output Peak 85amps
Output Current 25amps
Output Waveform Pure Sine
Output Frequency 60 Hz
Input Voltage 12
Continuous Output Amps 25 amps
Operating Temp -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to 140° F)
Efficiency 88.0%
Weight 55 lb (24.9 kg)
Dimensions 13.75” x 12.65” x 8.0” (34.9 cm x 32.1 cm x 20.3 cm)
UL Certified Yes
Phase Single
Topology Low Frequency
Input Battery Voltage Range 9.0-17.0


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