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Off-Grid Solar Made Simple ebook

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The Answer To What Do You Need For A Reliable & Efficient Off-Grid Solar System For Your
Home, Remote Cabin, RV and/or Boat, Is Here.

It’s all in IOTG’s New ebook and optional 1-on-1 consulting offer, Off-Grid Solar Made Simple.

Follow the easy 6 Step Process In Our IOTG Solar Power Independence Guide – “Off-Grid Made Simple”

A Step-By-Step Manual To Achieve The Security And Confidence Of True Energy Independence

Ensure your family’s continuous safety and enjoyment with a dependable system that Provides 100% uptime power supply, no matter the Local or global circumstances.

In the ebook you will learn:

  • My definition of off-grid and the levels of off-grid you want or need to satisfy
  • Why cable selection is so critical
  • Compliance challenges and how to handle them smartly and easily
  • Warranty risks you must be aware of
  • Temperature Effects on Wiring And Batteries
  • Brand And Device compatibility issues -this is one area that people make easy but costly mistakes!
  • How to avoid flawed designs and poor “out-the-box” solutions that don’t actually satisfy your needs at all.
  • Avoid the pitfalls that lead to limited use and non-ability to expand your system
  • How to find the balance between cost and longevity of your system
  • How to avoid unnecessary setbacks and delays
  • How you can be 100% confident and secure in your new off-grid solar power design.
  • For your home, cabin, RV and/or boat!
  • And so, so much more.
  • Plus ebook purchasers are the only people that can schedule a personal 1-on-1 paid consultation with me
    Pete Delorme to answer your questions and I can even design and source at best prices your system for you,
    If you wish.Order today and save more than a 60% discount, On Sale For A Limited Time And For Limited Quantities.

Get it now and never worry about you and your loved ones power supply and energy independence again.