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The Canbat CLI150-24 is a 24V 150Ah deep cycle lithium battery featuring advanced LiFePO4 technology and M8 terminals.

The battery is designed for use in all 24V deep cycle applications such as off-grid solar, RV, marine, camping, and backup power systems. This 24V 150Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can also be used to replace standard lead-acid batteries in the use of UPS systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems and medical devices. The Canbat CLI150-24 is a UL certified 150Ah 24V LiFePO4 battery. This battery is growing in popularity for military and aerospace applications. The CLI150-24 battery is engineered with prismatic lithium cells offering superior performance and higher reliability as they can be used for power storage solutions or as power sources. Unlike traditional SLA and Gel batteries, they can be fully discharged without loss in longevity. 24V 150Ah lithium batteries are very popular in the solar, RV and marine markets. They are commonly referred to as:

  • RV lithium batteries
  • Marine lithium batteries
  • Solar lithium batteries

Our high-power lithium iron phosphate batteries offer up to 2500+ charge/discharge cycles at a depth of discharge of 100% or 3500+ cycles at a DOD of 80%. LiFePO4 cells have the longest shelf life and can be stored for up to 2 years in any state of charge without the worry of degradation. This makes them exceptional for use in seasonal equipment as they do not require maintenance for long periods of time, such as your sailboat. This 150Ah 24V lithium battery can be connected in parallel up to 4 units of the same model to create a 24V 300Ah, 24V 450Ah, or even a 24V 600Ah battery bank. The CLI150-24 is designed for 24V applications and cannot be connected in series for a higher voltage configuration.

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