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Is Now the Time to Start Thinking of an RV/Camper Inverter or Solar Upgrade?

Is Now the Time to Start Thinking of an RV/Camper Inverter or Solar Upgrade?

Our Top 10 Reasons Why Now may be the Time To Plan your RV/Camper Solar Upgrade.

  • Is Now The Time to Think RV/Camper Upgrade?
  • Our top 10 Compelling Reasons to consider initiating an RV/Camper Solar Upgrade Right Now.

Is Now The Time to Think RV/Camper Upgrade?

Embarking on the contemplation of an RV solar upgrade in the crisp days of January marks a strategic and forward-thinking endeavor, presenting a multitude of compelling reasons to consider this transformative journey. As the new year unfolds, the timing proves opportune for meticulous planning, offering the chance to assess energy needs, explore cutting-edge solar technologies, and make well-informed decisions. This early initiative positions travelers for a seamless transition, ensuring that the enhanced solar power capabilities are ready to unfold their benefits precisely when the allure of spring and summer travel beckons. The considerations of professional availability and the avoidance of peak season rushes collectively underscore why January serves as an optimal starting point for those envisioning an upgraded and more sustainable RV experience.

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Our Top 10 Reasons to Start Thinking Now to Upgrade your RV or Camper with Solar

Starting to think about an RV solar upgrade in January can indeed be a good idea for several reasons. Here are our top 10 reasons why now might be a good time to consider a solar upgrade for your RV or camper:

1. Planning and Research: Beginning the process in January allows you ample time for thorough research and planning. You can carefully evaluate your energy needs, explore different solar components, and make informed decisions.

2. Preparation for Spring and Summer Travel: If you’re planning to embark on spring or summer RV trips, having a solar upgrade in place will enhance your ability to boondock or camp off-grid, providing more flexibility in choosing camping locations.

3. Availability of Professional Installers: Professionals in the solar industry may have more availability during the winter months, making it easier to schedule installations at your convenience. This can be particularly advantageous if you prefer hiring experts for the installation process. If you would like to set up an appointment with us to start your dream plan call us or .

4.Preventing Peak Season Rush: By starting early, you can avoid the rush of other RVers who may be planning upgrades just before the peak camping season. This could lead to better availability of resources and professionals. We get very busy in the summer, setting up an installation plan with us now can make sure we get your project completed before your travel dates arrive.

5. Winter Camping Preparation: If you plan to engage in winter camping, having a reliable solar system can be crucial for keeping your RV’s batteries charged in cold conditions. It ensures a consistent power supply for heating and other essentials. This type of system may require specific cold/wet resistant equipment. Call or contact us for more information

6. Budgeting and Financing: By starting early in the year, you have time to budget for the upgrade and explore financing options if needed. Planning ahead can help you allocate funds more effectively and avoid any financial strain. We can get you the top quality brands for the best prices, if you can find a better price we will try our best to match or beat it.

7. Equipment Availability: Some popular solar components may have limited availability or lead times. Starting early allows you to secure the necessary equipment and ensure that you have everything in place before peak travel seasons. Although we can usually get all the parts you need at anytime, we sure can’t exactly guarantee we will have them when it gets really busy.

8. DIY Projects in Milder Weather: Embarking on a do-it-yourself (DIY) installation before the hot summer arrives provides the advantage of working in milder weather conditions, ensuring a more comfortable process. Our commitment extends beyond just parts anywhere in the US and Canada; we’re here to offer guidance and education for your installations. Feel free to with any questions you may have—we’re dedicated to assisting you every step of the way. If you happen to be in our local area, we also offer professional installation services to bring your solar upgrade vision to life.

9. Optimizing Sunlight Exposure: As daylight extends gradually after winter, you have the opportunity to maximize your solar panel’s exposure to sunlight. Additionally, undertaking the installation of roof equipment can be more convenient before the onset of scorching temperatures. By initiating the planning process now, you guarantee that your system is poised to capture the full benefits of increasing daylight hours as the days grow longer.

10. Early Detection of Issues: Commencing the planning process well in advance provides the opportunity to pinpoint potential issues within your RV’s electrical system or roof structure that might require attention before the solar upgrade. Early identification of these considerations serves as a proactive measure to avert complications during the installation phase. Various factors come into play when contemplating the addition or removal of equipment, particularly in terms of cable sizes, fuses, and safety devices. This thorough approach ensures a smoother transition and a more reliable solar system integration into your RV.


In summary, initiating the contemplation of upgrading your RV, camper, or van’s solar inverter system in January is a strategic and forward-thinking decision, laden with compelling reasons. This early start enables meticulous planning, facilitating well-informed choices regarding the most suitable components tailored to your energy requirements. By embarking on the upgrade journey now, you pave the way for a seamlessly executed transition, ensuring you’re well-prepared to harness the benefits of solar power throughout the upcoming spring and summer travels. The advantageous aspects of professional availability, avoiding peak season rushes, and optimizing sunlight exposure make January the opportune time to embark on this transformative journey. As you usher in the new year, take a moment to recognize the value of elevating your RV experience through a solar inverter upgrade – not only a commitment to enhanced energy efficiency but also a stride towards a more sustainable and enjoyable travel lifestyle. At IOTG Solar, we stand ready to assist with all your inquiries, designs, and access to the necessary products, batteries, cables, connections, and devices essential for a seamless setup tailored to your upcoming travels.

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